Happy 7th Birthday Bacardy

I can’t believe  our baby is 7 years old already. That’s a real adult age for a dog. I’m  not entirely  sure but I think that’s around 49 human years- geez!!

Birthday  celebrations were comparatively  low key since my parents were still holidaying  in Europe. I’m  sure they miss him like crazy, may be more than he misses them. May be.

Bacardy was more interested  in running for the balloons than cutting the cake. Surprisingly  though he didn’t  spit out the piece of birthday  cake which I fed him. I’m  sure he was enjoying the limelight – but then, doesn’t he always?




He enjoyed his dinner more than the whole cake cutting  though. It was his favourite  food in the entire world- Crispy skinned roast chicken  from our neighboring Chinese restaurant  “Peach Valley”. Pricey and nothing to boast much about but he  absolutely  loves it!!! Must be his Thai (therefore chinese-ish) roots.



All in all, it was a quite quiet birthday so I’m hoping that we can give him a proper  one when my parents return. My father has apparently  bought a lot of gifts for him – from food to toys to personal care from Sweden. That ought to be enough for a guy who just turned 7!

Happy Birthday  Baby brother!! We love you forever!!!


That’s with me (above)


That’s with my sister (above).

Couldn’t take one with Mushin since he was busy enjoying the cake. However, since my parents have been  overseas, Bacardy has increased  his bond with Mushin- I suppose  the latter has earned some doggy points. Bacardy is very hard not to fall in love with so I suppose it’s both ways.


Demanding – much!

It’s been a bit over a week since my parents went vacationing to Europe and its a bit more than a week till they’re due back.

And who is taking this the worst? Bacardy!! Coming to think of it, his life is pretty much the same; same food, same bed, same house, same routine. As opposed to ours of course which is pretty depressing without them!

But he seems to have the entire world on this forehead the second we do not give him 100% attention. I suppose this is because my mother dotes on him 110% of the time and since she is a stay-at-home mum, this makes a big difference to Bacardy. Sure we pet him and give him extra cuddle and behind-the-ear stroking time, but I suppose he misses her.

Our adoptive african grey “Paulie” is not making the situation any better since she keeps calling my parents which makes Bacardy prick his ears and look around! Sigh.

However much depressed I am about how depressed he is, I will not indulge myself into too much of web research.




These three are seriously enough. I don’t agree with some things that they say of course.

DON’T make a fuss about leaving.  For a good 10 minutes before you depart, ignore your dog, and calmly leave.  Don’t talk to your dog, do not acknowledge him at all.

When you return after just a few seconds, do not talk to your dog, ignore him completely for several minutes and certainly until your dog has calmed down and is not jumping up or barking.

Gradually increase your absence by just a few seconds at a time. Continue to not make any fuss about leaving, and no fuss when you return.

Nope, no can do! No can do At All!

I didn’t take any photos of him this week since he’s been having his “I’m the saddest dog in the world (although my siblings are compensating the situation with cheese and all my treats)” look pasted onto his cure little face.

Baby face

Long time no see. Bacardy has been doing great. Bit too great since mum has been giving him extra attention because she actually  feels guilty of leaving him behind for 2 weeks while she and dad go  vacationing in Brussels  and Sweden. Hello!?!?! What happens to their kids you ask me-thats right-abandoned for Easter.

Anyhow these are some recent shots of Bacardy. He is NOT pleased about this shoot though.




Dad’s here

My father has just arrived at the airport from Jordan. I can just imagine Bacardy’s face as he waits for his treats. He has an uncanny ability of smelling treats in suitcases! Hailing from Thailand he does seem to have a knack for all things foreign.


This is him yesterday, all gloomy after some injections- poor baby hates all them nasty needles.

Ye all My slaves

I swear Bacardy thinks we’re either his doting family or (most probably) his slaves. The looks he gives when we ignore him, eat before feeding him, give even the slightest attention to Pauly, the Grey, or do anything else other than give him our fullest attention is just so un-dog like. Its a mixture of annoyance, brooding, haughtiness, unbearable sadness and pure moodiness.
That look is what makes us stop everything and run to him or at least give him a good rub.
I really do believe that Bacardy has developed more human-like mannerisms and behavior traits.
Like just now, as I’m writing this, he is nicely resting in his corner in the middle of the sofa, my mother actually signals to me to not talk out loud or make any indication that she is going upstairs to bring my clothes bag. Why you ask?
If Bacardy hears her going upstairs to her room, he immediately follows and starts his normal bedroom routine of asking for treats and expecting my mum to have a nap with him. So she has to actually silently tip-toe upstairs secretly.
But of course none of this makes any difference whatsoever since apart from his human qualities, Bacardy has some unquestionable magical powers-the power of attraction and retention with daily increasing love and adoration.
What a life? Nothing dog about it!

Back and Here To Stay

Ok so work, job, chores, events (I can think of a thousand reasons) are Not to be taken as excuses for not posting for over 9 months- for the simple reason that the celeb about whom this blog is all about continues to be the star at home! So he deserves to have his cyber lime light! Just kidding.

Things with Bacardy haven’t changed much except that he becomes more human-like and more dependent on us day by passing day. More fuss, more feeding tantrums, more forced belly rubs and more love!!

So here’s to a brand new “pwomise” my four-legged shorter – frequent and more up to date blogging!!!

Woof woof! (Or in Bacardy’s case Grunt, Snort, SNoRT)