The Hardest part of going on Holiday

Yes, it is always so unbelievably hard to leave our baby behind.

He makes it worse by somehow”sensing” it and brooding for days. He normally starts this when he sees the suitcases that come out of the cupboard but this time I feel he sensed it anyways.

Apart from his brooding he has started a new ferocious kissing routine whenever he sees us, my mum and I that is. It just breaks your heart to leave behind those big eyes looking mournfully at you, begging you not to leave him.

I’m glad he will have Pauly for company, who although doesn’t talk much in our absence, maintains all the energy an African Grey can ever muster up.

Well, holidays are fun and when you’re off to Toronto its indescribable. But leaving Bacardy behind is the price we have to pay. He has become so integrated to our lives that even a day apart is painful.

Well, here’s leaving him to God’s protection till we come back.

To do list tomorrow – Give as many kisses to Bacardy before leaving the house.


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