Happy Birthday Bacardy!!

Yes, its April Fools Day, which also happens to be Bacardy’s birthday. Special? Oh very much!

I can’t believe that he’s turned 6 today because for us he’s still the 4 month old puppy who came to our house in the middle of the night in a puppy carrier all the way from Thailand.

This year’s celebrations will be on a low key since my parents and sister are still in Canada. They will bring down the countless toys and snacks we chose for him from there. I brought one bone down when I came on Sunday and he loves it, so I can just imagine his salivating bliss when he gets the rest of the Canadian treats this Friday when my parents return.

Today’s birthday party for him will only consist of his favourite (one of few) meals – Crispy Roast Chicken from our neighbouring Chinese restaurant “Peach Valley”. He always gets the lion’s share of this, while we munch the bones, most of the time. So, I’m hoping that he will have a good time tonight.

We love you baby, can’t imagine how life was before you came.

Hugs and kisses always!ImageImage


The Hardest part of going on Holiday

Yes, it is always so unbelievably hard to leave our baby behind.

He makes it worse by somehow”sensing” it and brooding for days. He normally starts this when he sees the suitcases that come out of the cupboard but this time I feel he sensed it anyways.

Apart from his brooding he has started a new ferocious kissing routine whenever he sees us, my mum and I that is. It just breaks your heart to leave behind those big eyes looking mournfully at you, begging you not to leave him.

I’m glad he will have Pauly for company, who although doesn’t talk much in our absence, maintains all the energy an African Grey can ever muster up.

Well, holidays are fun and when you’re off to Toronto its indescribable. But leaving Bacardy behind is the price we have to pay. He has become so integrated to our lives that even a day apart is painful.

Well, here’s leaving him to God’s protection till we come back.

To do list tomorrow – Give as many kisses to Bacardy before leaving the house.

Tales of dogs and photos

Just thinking back to when we didn’t have smart phones with high pixel cameras or in that case any phones with any camera, or really thinking, when we didn’t have any “digital” cameras, life for dogs would definitely have one huge element missing-photo posing!!!

Bacardy goes through an average of being photographed thrice a week with an average of 5 photos per session. Does he enjoy it unlike my poor husband who considers it a great misfortune to be photographed? I really think so.

Why am I saying this? Because he actually seems to pose for photos! Ok so not when he’s annoyed (the annoyed pose is classic too) but when he knows that he’s the centre of attention.

He actually has more photos taken of him in his 6 years than I do for all my 26! Well I have more printed photos yes, thanks to being a baby in the olden days of photography but he definitely has more shots.

More than my sister? Oh for sure, more than double.

Lucky much?? Well yes, luck and the fact that he has 3 dedicated photographers: my dad, my sister and myself. “Guest photographers”????oh that too he has plenty.

And he still seems to like it or at least tolerate it!

He’s quite the model except for when he gets the red eye (and in his case the blue eye effect) when use the flash.

Here are some recent shots of our baby

Yes we like “Pina Colada”

I’m a huge fan of Bacardi (hence the name of our dog), whether its with Coke, Juice or in a good cocktail. So when I was gifted a Bacardi Pina Colada by our best man (Mushin’s best friend) when he came from India, I was waiting to have this “just pour on ice” cocktail. So one Sunday when I could no longer deny the calling of sweet pineapple mixed with coconut milk and topped with Bacardi rum, hubby and I took the bottle to my parents place.

The whitish bottle looked so cute and tropical  that we got into a frenzy and wanted to get our little booze dressed up for the occasion. Given that he only has one doggy jumper (gifted from my cousin in Canada), we got him into it. As much as he hates it, he doesn’t give too much of trouble when we wrestle him into it. But from the moment we got it on him, he did not budge from where he was. No matter how much we tried to make him stand he would simply sit down and look as miserable as he felt. May be he felt a bit blond in the jumper since it was purple.


As you can see he looks as if the whole world (mostly his beloved human siblings) have let him down.

He really is a spoilt little child of a dog. And there we were having to enjoy our Pina Colda on the rocks looking at this scene of misery feeling just a bit guilty of making him wear what is obviously in his doggy mind a “stupid” attire making him look stupid.

I guess our dogs are helpless most of the time; they eat what we give, sleep when we sleep, bathe only if we remember to give them one and occasionally get dressed up in the most ridiculous of outfits (caninely speaking).

Cheers to being human! Though I would definitely not mind being Bacardy – for all the lavishness he enjoys.

Chewing chewing all day long

So we chew gum, cows chew cud, I chew on pens (sometimes) and Bacardy chews on “meat sticks” – healthy chew-able disgusting smelling meat sticks coming in all flavours – beef, pork, bacon and chicken.  Although we don’t find the good stuff in Sri Lanka, he gets his straight from Canada from my cousins, or my dad brings them home from his many meetings abroad.

The thing which is different about Bacardy is that he can chew these meat sticks Super fast (like one gone in one minute) or Super slow (as in one stick for over a day). The trick to fast tracked chewing is finishing them up before the earlier bite reaches his tummy. The trick to prolonged chewing is licking it thoroughly till it becomes a gooey and almost elastic and then waiting for it to turn hard so that he can do the licking process all over again. And this can go on for days and days.

Bacardy had a special way of chewing these meat sticks (and chew bones, and anything else which takes his fancy- ranging from tissue papers to his favourite : tooth brushes) from the day he arrived. Unlike other dogs who run away with their bones, Bacardy actually runs to us just so that he can use our feet (whether or not we’re wearing shoes) as a stand for his bone. So this makes the bone stay still while he tries to have his way with it. Yes, our feet end up stinking, mainly from the bone (which gradually becomes more liquid by the minute) and from his salivation. Bacardy loves it even better if we keep our feet together so that he can stick his bone upright between our feet, enabling an even stable foundation.

However, he has learned over the years that we only tolerate bones, meat sticks and fruits (yes, he is human enough to LOVE pears and red apples) on our feet and NOT tooth brushes, empty plastic bottles (where he only chews on the bottle’s neck which sometimes ends up covered in blood from his bleeding gums) and definitely not tissue papers. Whenever he munches on these he goes away (not too away as in the garden, but away enough as in under tables). However, these prohibited munching sessions only last for less than 5 minutes before we grab whatever thing he’s chewing on and throws it out.

About the “throwing”, not any throwing is enough to satisfy Bacardy. Throw it to the bin and he will vehemently sit there in front of the bin waiting for us to figure it out that he still wants it. The throwing has to be done with a certain Sinhalese term “Oosho kaakka” which means “Shoo off Crow”, and the action of throwing something to the air. Throw anything like it and he will make up his mind that it is in fact gone.

As crazy as this sounds, this is all inclusive in a typical day in the life of our American Gentleman.

Bacardy chewing on a meat stick on his own

Bacardy chewing on a meat stick on his own

The saliva-paw-polish is staying

Although Bacardy (I will post later how and why we named this “American gentleman” after the Cuban rum, with a slight spelling change from the “i” to “y”) almost never steps outside the gate for more than 50 meters on foot, he continues to have stained paws, a result of his day-long licking of them. We had many  assumptions for this behaviour, one being that Bacardy was actually more “cat-like” than other Boston terriers, one being (this was from the doc) that he was simply “asking for attention” (as if we don’t give it to him 24/7/365), and one being that it was a fungal infection. Yet however much “attention” he gets, or however clean his paws might be (they should be from all the mini-pedicures we give him), the paws are turning a permanent brown and there’s nothing much we can do for them. That, alas, is the reason why even in his header pic (which I know is supposed to be a really good pic of him), they are indeed a brown shade.

Yes it may seem as if he’s unclean but I promise you he’s not. I can almost attest that he is far more cleaner than my dad sometimes (just kidding Thaththi). 

Talking about Bacardy, I almost don’t know where to start, so for whoever who’s reading this, pardon me for the abrupt stories (which might not have any logical chronological sequence to it). This is because we’ve had him for almost 6 years now (which sadly reminds me every day that although he’s our baby, he IS growing old- actually much more older than I am in dog years) and I really can’t recall everything in a timely order. I think I will actually post another post regarding how we got him, since its a tale on its own.

Anyways, Bacardy, like the name says is a tipsy, crazy, hyper (until he tires down- that too pretty soon due to all those 10.5 kg he carries around him – much unlike the normal thin looking Bostons on the web), not to mention most distinguishing, proud, sometimes even selfish and a total everybody’s guy kinda dog.

It can be fearlessly mentioned that  he is actually above my sister in the family hierarchy (him being only under my dad in the hierarchy in his thinking, is a completely different story however), and he knows it. Which is the reason why he gets preferential treatment from my mum in feeding, pedicures, manicures, TV, toys-after-every-meal, and so the list goes, and from my dad who actually never forgets to bring gifts for him after his many foreign tours (quite forgetting that he has two daughters and a wife who would actually like something too).

There are many stories about my baby doll (yes I know its a male, but I have no idea from where the words came – but now they are here to stay), which is exactly why, after almost 6 years, that I finally started (actually actually started) a blog for him.

So, (snort, snort) every one (this is because there is no “woof woof” from Bacardy) and lets hope I manage to pen down my Bacardy stuff at least 2% as cutely as they are.

Bacardy then and now

Bacardy then and now