Tales of dogs and photos

Just thinking back to when we didn’t have smart phones with high pixel cameras or in that case any phones with any camera, or really thinking, when we didn’t have any “digital” cameras, life for dogs would definitely have one huge element missing-photo posing!!!

Bacardy goes through an average of being photographed thrice a week with an average of 5 photos per session. Does he enjoy it unlike my poor husband who considers it a great misfortune to be photographed? I really think so.

Why am I saying this? Because he actually seems to pose for photos! Ok so not when he’s annoyed (the annoyed pose is classic too) but when he knows that he’s the centre of attention.

He actually has more photos taken of him in his 6 years than I do for all my 26! Well I have more printed photos yes, thanks to being a baby in the olden days of photography but he definitely has more shots.

More than my sister? Oh for sure, more than double.

Lucky much?? Well yes, luck and the fact that he has 3 dedicated photographers: my dad, my sister and myself. “Guest photographers”????oh that too he has plenty.

And he still seems to like it or at least tolerate it!

He’s quite the model except for when he gets the red eye (and in his case the blue eye effect) when use the flash.

Here are some recent shots of our baby


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