Me and my hubby waiting for 2014 to dawn.

Me and my hubby waiting for 2014 to dawn.

Hi!! I’m Ruwandi (which has now changed to “Ru” since that’s what most people call me) a marketer by day, a marketing lecturer by night (not all nights though) and a dreamer lost between college student and married woman the rest of the time. Writing is something which I’ve been doing since forever,  this is to make up for my lack of talents in drawing, painting, or even highlighting texts in a book with a different colour. Writing in black and white has been my thing since school – the reason why my husband gets a lot of gifts which involve writing – with no pictures 99% of the time (except for some poorly attempted excuse for a heart drawn from the pen I write).

My dog, who I only see every day now (it used to be every minute, almost, before I got married and moved out) is like my little brother. To tell you the truth, ever since he turned 5 last April, I keep dreading the day he turns 17 (the maximum life span of a Boston Terrier). I can’t believe I wrote that line because I simply DO NOT like to think about it. Anyways, I thought its high time that I started blogging, and who else to have as my inspiration for my first blog than my own four-legged-bossy-brother.

So I hope you enjoy my posts, and grow to love my American Gentleman 🙂


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