Happy Birthday Bacardy!!

Yes, its April Fools Day, which also happens to be Bacardy’s birthday. Special? Oh very much!

I can’t believe that he’s turned 6 today because for us he’s still the 4 month old puppy who came to our house in the middle of the night in a puppy carrier all the way from Thailand.

This year’s celebrations will be on a low key since my parents and sister are still in Canada. They will bring down the countless toys and snacks we chose for him from there. I brought one bone down when I came on Sunday and he loves it, so I can just imagine his salivating bliss when he gets the rest of the Canadian treats this Friday when my parents return.

Today’s birthday party for him will only consist of his favourite (one of few) meals – Crispy Roast Chicken from our neighbouring Chinese restaurant “Peach Valley”. He always gets the lion’s share of this, while we munch the bones, most of the time. So, I’m hoping that he will have a good time tonight.

We love you baby, can’t imagine how life was before you came.

Hugs and kisses always!ImageImage


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