Ye all My slaves

I swear Bacardy thinks we’re either his doting family or (most probably) his slaves. The looks he gives when we ignore him, eat before feeding him, give even the slightest attention to Pauly, the Grey, or do anything else other than give him our fullest attention is just so un-dog like. Its a mixture of annoyance, brooding, haughtiness, unbearable sadness and pure moodiness.
That look is what makes us stop everything and run to him or at least give him a good rub.
I really do believe that Bacardy has developed more human-like mannerisms and behavior traits.
Like just now, as I’m writing this, he is nicely resting in his corner in the middle of the sofa, my mother actually signals to me to not talk out loud or make any indication that she is going upstairs to bring my clothes bag. Why you ask?
If Bacardy hears her going upstairs to her room, he immediately follows and starts his normal bedroom routine of asking for treats and expecting my mum to have a nap with him. So she has to actually silently tip-toe upstairs secretly.
But of course none of this makes any difference whatsoever since apart from his human qualities, Bacardy has some unquestionable magical powers-the power of attraction and retention with daily increasing love and adoration.
What a life? Nothing dog about it!


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