Happy 7th Birthday Bacardy

I can’t believe  our baby is 7 years old already. That’s a real adult age for a dog. I’m  not entirely  sure but I think that’s around 49 human years- geez!!

Birthday  celebrations were comparatively  low key since my parents were still holidaying  in Europe. I’m  sure they miss him like crazy, may be more than he misses them. May be.

Bacardy was more interested  in running for the balloons than cutting the cake. Surprisingly  though he didn’t  spit out the piece of birthday  cake which I fed him. I’m  sure he was enjoying the limelight – but then, doesn’t he always?




He enjoyed his dinner more than the whole cake cutting  though. It was his favourite  food in the entire world- Crispy skinned roast chicken  from our neighboring Chinese restaurant  “Peach Valley”. Pricey and nothing to boast much about but he  absolutely  loves it!!! Must be his Thai (therefore chinese-ish) roots.



All in all, it was a quite quiet birthday so I’m hoping that we can give him a proper  one when my parents return. My father has apparently  bought a lot of gifts for him – from food to toys to personal care from Sweden. That ought to be enough for a guy who just turned 7!

Happy Birthday  Baby brother!! We love you forever!!!


That’s with me (above)


That’s with my sister (above).

Couldn’t take one with Mushin since he was busy enjoying the cake. However, since my parents have been  overseas, Bacardy has increased  his bond with Mushin- I suppose  the latter has earned some doggy points. Bacardy is very hard not to fall in love with so I suppose it’s both ways.


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