Yes we like “Pina Colada”

I’m a huge fan of Bacardi (hence the name of our dog), whether its with Coke, Juice or in a good cocktail. So when I was gifted a Bacardi Pina Colada by our best man (Mushin’s best friend) when he came from India, I was waiting to have this “just pour on ice” cocktail. So one Sunday when I could no longer deny the calling of sweet pineapple mixed with coconut milk and topped with Bacardi rum, hubby and I took the bottle to my parents place.

The whitish bottle looked so cute and tropical  that we got into a frenzy and wanted to get our little booze dressed up for the occasion. Given that he only has one doggy jumper (gifted from my cousin in Canada), we got him into it. As much as he hates it, he doesn’t give too much of trouble when we wrestle him into it. But from the moment we got it on him, he did not budge from where he was. No matter how much we tried to make him stand he would simply sit down and look as miserable as he felt. May be he felt a bit blond in the jumper since it was purple.


As you can see he looks as if the whole world (mostly his beloved human siblings) have let him down.

He really is a spoilt little child of a dog. And there we were having to enjoy our Pina Colda on the rocks looking at this scene of misery feeling just a bit guilty of making him wear what is obviously in his doggy mind a “stupid” attire making him look stupid.

I guess our dogs are helpless most of the time; they eat what we give, sleep when we sleep, bathe only if we remember to give them one and occasionally get dressed up in the most ridiculous of outfits (caninely speaking).

Cheers to being human! Though I would definitely not mind being Bacardy – for all the lavishness he enjoys.


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