Chewing chewing all day long

So we chew gum, cows chew cud, I chew on pens (sometimes) and Bacardy chews on “meat sticks” – healthy chew-able disgusting smelling meat sticks coming in all flavours – beef, pork, bacon and chicken.  Although we don’t find the good stuff in Sri Lanka, he gets his straight from Canada from my cousins, or my dad brings them home from his many meetings abroad.

The thing which is different about Bacardy is that he can chew these meat sticks Super fast (like one gone in one minute) or Super slow (as in one stick for over a day). The trick to fast tracked chewing is finishing them up before the earlier bite reaches his tummy. The trick to prolonged chewing is licking it thoroughly till it becomes a gooey and almost elastic and then waiting for it to turn hard so that he can do the licking process all over again. And this can go on for days and days.

Bacardy had a special way of chewing these meat sticks (and chew bones, and anything else which takes his fancy- ranging from tissue papers to his favourite : tooth brushes) from the day he arrived. Unlike other dogs who run away with their bones, Bacardy actually runs to us just so that he can use our feet (whether or not we’re wearing shoes) as a stand for his bone. So this makes the bone stay still while he tries to have his way with it. Yes, our feet end up stinking, mainly from the bone (which gradually becomes more liquid by the minute) and from his salivation. Bacardy loves it even better if we keep our feet together so that he can stick his bone upright between our feet, enabling an even stable foundation.

However, he has learned over the years that we only tolerate bones, meat sticks and fruits (yes, he is human enough to LOVE pears and red apples) on our feet and NOT tooth brushes, empty plastic bottles (where he only chews on the bottle’s neck which sometimes ends up covered in blood from his bleeding gums) and definitely not tissue papers. Whenever he munches on these he goes away (not too away as in the garden, but away enough as in under tables). However, these prohibited munching sessions only last for less than 5 minutes before we grab whatever thing he’s chewing on and throws it out.

About the “throwing”, not any throwing is enough to satisfy Bacardy. Throw it to the bin and he will vehemently sit there in front of the bin waiting for us to figure it out that he still wants it. The throwing has to be done with a certain Sinhalese term “Oosho kaakka” which means “Shoo off Crow”, and the action of throwing something to the air. Throw anything like it and he will make up his mind that it is in fact gone.

As crazy as this sounds, this is all inclusive in a typical day in the life of our American Gentleman.

Bacardy chewing on a meat stick on his own

Bacardy chewing on a meat stick on his own


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