The saliva-paw-polish is staying

Although Bacardy (I will post later how and why we named this “American gentleman” after the Cuban rum, with a slight spelling change from the “i” to “y”) almost never steps outside the gate for more than 50 meters on foot, he continues to have stained paws, a result of his day-long licking of them. We had many  assumptions for this behaviour, one being that Bacardy was actually more “cat-like” than other Boston terriers, one being (this was from the doc) that he was simply “asking for attention” (as if we don’t give it to him 24/7/365), and one being that it was a fungal infection. Yet however much “attention” he gets, or however clean his paws might be (they should be from all the mini-pedicures we give him), the paws are turning a permanent brown and there’s nothing much we can do for them. That, alas, is the reason why even in his header pic (which I know is supposed to be a really good pic of him), they are indeed a brown shade.

Yes it may seem as if he’s unclean but I promise you he’s not. I can almost attest that he is far more cleaner than my dad sometimes (just kidding Thaththi). 

Talking about Bacardy, I almost don’t know where to start, so for whoever who’s reading this, pardon me for the abrupt stories (which might not have any logical chronological sequence to it). This is because we’ve had him for almost 6 years now (which sadly reminds me every day that although he’s our baby, he IS growing old- actually much more older than I am in dog years) and I really can’t recall everything in a timely order. I think I will actually post another post regarding how we got him, since its a tale on its own.

Anyways, Bacardy, like the name says is a tipsy, crazy, hyper (until he tires down- that too pretty soon due to all those 10.5 kg he carries around him – much unlike the normal thin looking Bostons on the web), not to mention most distinguishing, proud, sometimes even selfish and a total everybody’s guy kinda dog.

It can be fearlessly mentioned that  he is actually above my sister in the family hierarchy (him being only under my dad in the hierarchy in his thinking, is a completely different story however), and he knows it. Which is the reason why he gets preferential treatment from my mum in feeding, pedicures, manicures, TV, toys-after-every-meal, and so the list goes, and from my dad who actually never forgets to bring gifts for him after his many foreign tours (quite forgetting that he has two daughters and a wife who would actually like something too).

There are many stories about my baby doll (yes I know its a male, but I have no idea from where the words came – but now they are here to stay), which is exactly why, after almost 6 years, that I finally started (actually actually started) a blog for him.

So, (snort, snort) every one (this is because there is no “woof woof” from Bacardy) and lets hope I manage to pen down my Bacardy stuff at least 2% as cutely as they are.

Bacardy then and now

Bacardy then and now


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